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16) Center of the Milky Way.

15) Did star child see the Orion nebula?

14) Did "farmers in the field of stars" sow water in the space?

13) "1:4:9:??" Clarke make an experiment. (1)

12) Still, water (ice) existed in the moon.

11) Why is it four million years?

10) Why is it three million years?

09) The surface of the moon investigation was started again.

08) The inside story of the moon and the monolith.

07) "It is plotted" of the surface of the moon monolith.

06) Discovery and the crisis of Apollo 13.

05) The captain of the name of "Bowman(Borman)" of two people.

04) "They" particularly made it touch a monolith.

02) The doctors eating a sandwich in a bus.

00) A hitch to "2001(2010)"