David Bowman
Keir Duller
It is the part where it is stated about the career of Bowman and the character. His character doesn't have humanity when it says badly though it is calm if it says well. Blood relation's death is greatly concerned with the formation of the character of Bowman. The impression of the part of both Keir Duller and the Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester was too good. Was this thing happy for them?

Frank Poole
Gary Lockwood
It is the part where it is stated about the career of Poole and the character. Poole and Bowman were expert's astronauts two people.

Heywood Floyd
William Sylvester
Roy Scheider
The public office of Dr Floyd and top secret duties and the part where it is stated about the private life and so on. He is the Chancellor of the university of Hawaii in 2010 Odyssey Two. Though his official business was troublesome, private life was full of the disturbance, too. Blood relation's tragic death is experienced in the same way as Bowman. In the reality, friendship with Dr Carl Sagan who is the deceased.(May his soul rest in peace.)

Douglas Rain
The part where it is stated about the conversation of HAL9000 and the voice. Douglas Rain was the right person. SAL9000 in 2010 Odyssey Two became an Indian accent.

Dr. Chandra
Bob Balaban
The part where it is stated about its real name of Dr Chandra, the nationality,the character, and so on. His name is Sivasubramanian Chandrasegarampillai.(It is probably how long name. I can't learn this full name even now.) And he is the professor university of Illinois at Urbana in 2010 Odyssey Two. HAL9000 was an existence like the other self of Dr Chandra. And, it is not the human being but the safety of HAL9000 that it is interested in by Discovery event most.

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