Moon bus
Moon Rocket Bus

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In the movie Bus which appears in the movie is a size like a private jet plane. It seems that ten passengers can be accommodated in cabin. Thrust is low as for the details of the propulsion system when it thinks from the gravity of the moon and so on though it isn't clear, too.

In the novel The scale of the bus which appears for novel 2001 A Space Odyssey is big. Then,it is functionally very unique existence. A scale is an outsized trailer type ordinariness.Then,it rides on eight flex-wheels, and it is moved on the surface of the moon.As for flex-wheels, it is the thing of the possible wheel to change a diameter and shape corresponding to the geographical features. This bus is a spaceship to run through the land of the surface of the moon fundamentally,but the jet of four base is equipped under the bus,and It jumps over the obstacle and so on which it doesn't get over with the wheel by this jet. It is surprise because it keeps running as it is even if a part has a loss. I wanted to let this bus appear in the movie.

In the novel Reference
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