Clavius Base

Crater It is a Clavius Crater of the top-ranking scale on the lunar nearside. ( Latitude:58.8S, Longitude:14.1W, Two hundred and forty-five kilometers in diameter ) The most conspicuous phenomenon at the moon is Bright-Rays. Clavius Crater emits Bright-Rays, too. The scale of the Bright-Rays is the same as the Copernicus ( Latitude:9.7N, Longitude:20.1W, One hundred and seven kilometers in diameter ) and Tycho ( Latitude:43.4S, Longitude:11.1W, One hundred and two kilometers in diameter ) . And, Dr Floyd goes for Tycho, and so meets TMA1.

Base Only a zone to administer the landing of ARIES-1B, and a conference room are being drawn by the movie, but it is stated by the novel very in detail. And, when it depends,as for the inhabitant inside the base, eleven hundred men and six hundred women. Then, the most part of the inhabitant is occupied with the scientist and the specialist of each field. As for this base, self-sufficiency can be done,most elements which are necessary for the life support. Furthermore, it is established to the circulation system modeled after the earth. A plant grows thickly in the large-scale greenhouse, those plants consume carbon dioxide,and it supplies oxygen. And one itself is provided for the inhabitant as a food.

Crater Reference
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