Space Station
Space Station 1


Orbit It is advanced, and it is turning around the earth of the equatorial sky eighteen hundred kilometers.

Section Tentatively, it is sorted in the U.S.A section , the Soviet section, and so on, But,it is only in the entrance that it is divided. When it passes through the entrance,the classification of each country is stopped. It is an international space station.

Size A diameter is about three hundred yards.Those two wheel-shaped things are coupled. It has about eight hundred-and-sixty meters if it walks on the connection outside the space station.Four hundred meters trucks of the land are two laps and a little. The other circle is while it still constructs it though one circle is almost completed.

Centrifuge Space station revolved once a minute. The artificial gravity which it can get due to this rotation is the degree that it is the same as the moon.(one-sixth gee) But,It is not the gravity which the whole of the station is the same as.Central part,by the minimum gravity,gravity grows big as much as to go to the outside. And,Of equilibrium with the human sense,it feels the center direction of the station with "the top",therefore, an outside direction is "the bottom".

Docking A docking scene with Orion III was interrupted by the movie halfway.It ended in scene which synchronized a body in the rotation speed of the space station. But,a docking arm grows by the novel from the part of the shaft of the space station.It turns to the rotation of the space station and the reverse direction.In other words, it seems to stand when it is seen from Orion III.

Equipment There are a docking mechanism and central transit chamber in the part of the shaft of the space station. There is a lobby for the passenger and so on in the part on the connection of the outside. By the novel, though it is described about other equipment easily, as for the description about the space station, a movie seems to be details. It was "a prepaid telephone card" that it was surprised at specially. It is because it was predicted at the time in the year 1968. It is a common sight to use "a prepaid telephone card" nowadays...

Centrifuge Reference
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