2001: A Space Odyssey forces one to ask such questions.

Recently, however, it has come to be an opinion that many of the predictions of the film have not come to pass. (Only a part of them, though.)

Arthur C. Clarke, creator of many such "science prophecies" says that the rapid changes of recent years could not be foreseen: the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reduced budget of space programs, and even the disappearance of Pan Am are all examples of such changes.

As for the HAL 9000 computer, which is the main character of the film, nothing even close to his vision has come about.

For the present, if people don't start caring, then values and goal will never change. It is sad that such an enormous budget is necessary simply to learn about the universe around us.

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( Correction: John LeMaitre , John's HAL 9000 Website )

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