01) "Mimicked self-respect"

With Bowman and the Poole, in HAL which the interview taken in, though it is "mimic", it felt a thing like "self-respect" In being the tone criticized with "conceit" in usual, it persuades it why. In other words, it is because actual results entail it in HAL, then, it is because HAL is not a human being.

The machine which doesn't make a mistake doesn't exist, as for the program as well, it is the same.

But, as for HAL, perfection and high reliability have been promised since the beginning. It was the structure which didn't make a mistake. In such a computer system, when it is said how it acts about "the mimicked self-respect", as for it, a feeling of relief is given to it toward the human being. A human feeling of relief and confidence, by being told to HAL through the fisheye lens, it can be realized again that "the information processing which one went for, and a judgment" were proper.

That this mimicked self-respect suffers damage, it is an incorrect report about "the AE 35 units" HAL recognized that its information processing and a judgment gave crews a worry. It couldn't be removed though it knew factor(top secret duties) which made an error arise. A feeling of discredit toward HAL of crews rises, it is told to HAL. It is the vicious circle which an end is not in.

It was Dr Chandra that programmed this mimicked self-respect in HAL, it seems that a doctor's own character was reflected unconsciously by that program.Then, "mimicked self-respect" didn't prepare for the subroutine when it suffered damage. As for presuming HAL which has an error, doctor's own self-respect is because it suffers damage.

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