02) Was there consciousness of the crime in HAL that murder was broken?

As for HAL which became paranoia, (By the movie) tone of the voice lowers, too, and it is, response time became long gradually, too. Even if it has it in present its problem somehow and copes, is it because it is coming and going frequently the self-diagnosis routine? This is pitiful...

As for the act that HAL rejected Bowman or Poole, so that their feeling of discredit may not be feedback to itself any further, so that "mimicked self-respect" may not suffer damage any further, it might be necessary treatment.

In the first place, because they are the conditions which aren't presumed...

Then, crews of the artificial hibernation condition left in the ship, too, it was rejected in the quietly reliable method. (It was killed.)

There was probably no "a sense of sin" in HAL that murder was broken. The mind conditions of "a sense of sin" are characteristic of the human being, Constitution, a temperament, the environment that birth was developed, the affection received from the parents, and so on act there, what is done "mimic" from the viewpoint of program is impossible.

Because an act person doesn't have "a sense of sin", The operation of lobotomy which Bowman did was proper treatment.

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