03) Was an operation of lobotomy toward HAL that Bowman did it cruel?

As for the details of an operation of lobotomy toward the human being, it doesn't know, at least, an operation will be never done with the conscious condition. But, in the case of HAL, it was done under the conscious conditions that it woke up. HAL was the condition which they could feel the conditions of the system with.

HAL which doesn't have a creature-like body, though it doesn't seem to feel "the pain" which was the warning action of the creature-like body, it must have felt a physical accident every time it goes ahead of the memory unit. It entreated "destroying my mind.....Stop it."

It is different from the case that operation is made to stop by cutting of the power supply, this is still cruel. Though it may not be a suitable example, for HAL, It seems to be burned by the stake gradually, wasn't it a pain like hell?

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