06) "HAL10000"

It began to take Dr Chandra in the design of "HAL10000" But, as for those details, it isn't being written.

About this, it is an error that because it is "design", is judged not to be an organism. "The design" of the organism has already been an actual problem. Genetic operation, a genetic rearrangement, clone... etc it may become approach to "the silicon life".

Do you know "in search of the oasis(formal English title isn't clear.)" which it was broadcast with NHK to for several years front?

The computer of "R7" is concerned with every field of the life. But, the existence of operating that "R7" of "R8" is found. It was the clone human being who didn't have a human emotion...

Though HAL9000 is the computer (machine) which imitated a human being, "R8" seems to be the clone human being who imitated a computer.

Clarke itself, too, it is being written about the evolution that a body and a mind are mechanized in the novel 2001 A Space Odyssey. But, it is not the goal of the evolution, but it is only a passage point.

On the occasion of the design of HAL10000, it has the possibility that Dr Chandra has "the idea of the reverse", too, then, it has the possibility that "a doctor's own cell" is used, too.

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