07) In January, 1998. The article of "the clone human being"
appeared on the front pages of newspaper.

In the year 1998, it is noisy. The surface of the moon investigation is resumed suddenly, the general idea of "human cloning","the genetic operation", the age which even a general person thought about came. The inside of the world is so.

For example, like "dolly(sheep)", the clone made from the animal's cells had been reported from former times, at present, it is the age when the article of "human cloning" appears on the front page of the newspaper.

When it is like this, of course, the power which it tries to make ethical repression to gains power. It is doing in Europe to signing of a protocol about the cloning.

But, Europe is not monolithic group, either, there is a country which has already planned the clone experiment which a human's cells was used for, too. It is England of its mother country of Clarke.

Last end (in the year 1997), an article about "the brain transplant" began to appear, too. A brain cell, a cranial nerve, neuron, brain pattern computer...etc These have already been actual problems. Even if it is not Dr Chandra, it seems to have "the conversion of the idea ", such a "parts" began to be delivered in the reality.

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