Discovery spaceship

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Building Discovery was built in the space. A flight test is done in the space between the earth and the moon. Then, a final check was taken on the orbit of the lunar.

Measure In the novel 2001 A Space Odyssey, four hundred feet. (about one hundred and twenty-two meters) in the novel 2010 Odyssey Two, one hundred meters.

A main propulsion system is an atomic energy rocket. Then, it is probably the plasma rocket which accelerates plasma from the viewpoint of electromagnetism. At any rate,because Discovery is a spaceship to aim at the planet where it was constructed in the space, driving force to project from the surface of the earth isn't necessary, it is sufficient by atomic energy rocket. And, it seems to use liquid ammonia for the propulsive medicine. It seems to do a posture, a course and the slight adjustment of the speed by assistant rocket verniers.

About forty feet in diameter.

About thirty-five feet in diameter. An artificial gravity is one-sixth gee.

Discovery II Even if it is in the year 2010 Discovery II,it is the setup of "it is still being constructed." After monolith-investigation in the year 2001 was finished, it is a spaceship to go to rescue crew of the artificial hibernation condition.

Pod bay The area which pod is stored in. Zero-gee though there is some oxygen.

Recycling system Discovery saves food and water by the recycling system.


Discovery in 2010 Odyssey Two did spin movement. As for that cause,the rotation power of Centrifuge depends on having been conveyed to the hull due to the friction. It was made to stand by assistant rocket verniers in the rest.

Recycling system Reference
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