Space Pod
Space Pod

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Size About nine feet in diameter.

A nickname

Pod 1: Betty
Pod ?: Anna
Pod ?: Clara

Betty was used for the murder of the Poole. Then, it disappeared with the Poole to the universe. When it was unknown, pod 2 transferred with Bowman to the space. After all,it was only pod 3 that was left in the Discovery to the end.

The propulsive force of the main rocket of pod is one-fifth gee.

The top speed The top speed that mankind experienced, it is the speed which pod 2 recorded. An operation person is Bowman. And it was 250,000 gee!!! (one-tenth of light speed!!!) As for this speed,through Big Brother,it was recorded when it was moved to the space when it was unknown.The basis of that speed is Doppler effect of the electromagnetic wave. Of vibrations as for the number of the electromagnetic wave which pod 2 transmitted,it lowered in proportion to the speed.

The top speed Reference
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