Aries-1B Moon Shuttle

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Cruising It is a spaceship to cruise in twenty-five hours between the Space Station and Clavius base.

Structure There are passenger cabin and a rest room at the top of the spaceship of the ball type. And,it seems that thirty peples can be accommodated in passenger cabin. A rest room creates gravity by rotating with the centrifugal force device. The centrifugal force is one-fourth gee. But, that way of operating it seems to be difficult. It knows the thing that Dr Floyd stopped use. It seems that discharges and "coexistence" did by Apollo spaceship. "A resolution" is necessary so that a human being may live in the universe even in which age. Four shock absorbers for the landing are attached to the bottom part of the spaceship.

Plasma jets engine. The thing of Low-thrust may be an electric propulsion rocket.

Propulsion Reference
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