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宇宙飛行士は精神的にも肉体的にもタフである。しかし、彼らも生身の人間であるから生存のためには 「衣食住」 という要素が欠かせない。宇宙船 (モジュール)宇宙服 (&生命維持装置)、そして宇宙食である。

宇宙食は究極の食物 (&食器) といっても良いだろう。重量、サイズ、密閉度、栄養素、消化吸収、殺菌・腐敗処理、食べやすさ。ストレス解消作用も無視できない。これらを極めた食物こそが宇宙食に相応しいといえる。なお、ここには 「味」 という要素は出てこない。今でこそ相当改善されてはいるが、アポロ当時の宇宙食はかなり 「不味かった」 からである。

もっとも、メニューに限っていえば、美食家も泣いてよろこぶ、、、とまではいかないまでも、結構バラエティーに富んでいる。各人 (飛行士) の好みも反映されていたようだ。 以下はアポロ計画における宇宙食の基本メニューである。



Cocoa (Rehydratable Drink)
Coffee (Rehydratable Drink)
Grape Drink (Rehydratable Drink)
Grapefruit Drink (Rehydratable Drink)
Grape Punch (Rehydratable Drink)
Orange-Grapefruit Drink (Rehydratable Drink)
Orange Juice (Rehydratable Drink)
Pineapple-Grapefruit Drink (Rehydratable Drink)
Pineapple-Orange Drink (Rehydratable Drink)

Breakfast Items:

Bacon Squares [8] (Intermediate Moisture)
Cinnamon Toasted Bread Cubes [4] (Dehydrated)
Canadian Bacon and Applesauce (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Cornflakes (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Fruit Cocktail (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Sausage Patties (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Scrambled Eggs (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Peaches (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Spiced Fruit Cereal (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Apricot (Intermediate Moisture)
Peaches (Intermediate Moisture)

Cubes and Candy:

Brownies [4] (Intermediate Moisture)
Caramel Candy (Intermediate Moisture)
Chocolate Bar (Intermediate Moisture)
Cheese Chicken Bites [6] (Dehydrated)
Cheese Sandwiches [4] (Dehydrated)
Beef Sandwiches [4] (Dehydrated)
Peanut Cubes [4] (Natural State)
Pecans [6] (Intermediate Moisture)
Pineapple Fruitcake (Intermediate Moisture)
Subar Cookies [4] (Dehydrated)
Turkey Bites [4] (Dehydrated)


Applesauce (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Banana Pudding (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Butterscotch Pudding (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Chocolate Pudding (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Cranberry Orange Sauce (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Peach Ambrosia (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)

Salads and Soups:

Chicken and Rice Soup (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Lobster Bisque (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Pea Soup (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Potato Soup (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Shrimp Cocktail (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Tomato Soup (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Tuna Salad (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)

Sandwich Spreads and Bread:

Bread [Slice] (Natural State)
Catsup (Natural State)
Cheddar Cheese [2 oz] (Natural State)
Chicken Salad [8 oz] (Thermostabilized)
Ham Salad [8 oz] (Thermostabilized)
Jelly (Natural State)
Mustard (Natural State)
Peanut Butter (Natural State)


Beef Pot Roast (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Beef and Vegetables (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Beef Stew (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Chicken and Rice (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Chicken and Vegetables (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Chicken Stew (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Pork and Scalloped Potatoes (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Spaghetti, Meat Sauce (Rehydratable Spoon Bow)
Beef and Gravy (Thermostabilized)
Frankfurters (Thermostabilized)
Meatballs, Sauce (Thermostabilized)
Turkey and Gravy (Thermostabilized)

Courtesy of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Flight Crew Support Division

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