Top Secret Mission
Top Secret Mission

Top secret An item about the monolith investigation was the height security classification. Even when it started even at the time of the plan, the person who knew the mission of sincerity was a small number. It was limited to the President of the United States, Dr Floyd ,other important post people. Even if it was made crew of Discovery , all of the members didn't necessarily know the duties of sincerity. As for the strictly confidential part, it was made to know neither Bowman nor a poole . As for knowing, the investigation team of the artificial hibernation condition. It was only HUNTER and WHITEHEAD and KAMINSKI possibility. In fact,though Dr Floyd doesn't approve it, HAL made it know the contents of the top secret mission.....the best secret order 342-23, January 30, 2001.As for it, the White House is the order agreed officially.

Top secret Reference
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