Orion III
Orion III Spacecraft

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Size Spacecraft which it goes with between the Cape Kennedy airport of the earth and the space station. It is the special flight 3 production that Dr Floyd went on board. A distance between both type V wings is about two hundred feet. Weight is one thousand tons. That cabin can accommodate twenty peoples.

It cruises between the airport of the earth and the space station in seventy-five minutes. By the power of the maximum acceleration two gee,it reaches it in the weight-less condition after the launch in thirty minutes. In other words,it reaches it in the inertia flight condition or the free-fall condition. An appearance is put aside,it resembles a plan for the space shuttle closely.

Launching First,Orion III that it is on the rail is fired by the power. And Orion III that it was held in the rocket for the launch is released on the Atlantic Ocean. Then,after that,a bottom step rocket(the first-step rocket) and an upper step rocket (the second-step rocket) work in turn. And a rocket for the launch is probably the chemical rocket which is available again. With this,Orion III is carried to the space. It is in the year 1968 that 2001 A Space Odyssey was completed,therefore the precision of the prediction of Clarke is marvelous.

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