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urnball FAQ: Frame page is illegible

Sorry. This web site, "800 x 600" is a standard resolution. In case of illegible, I can recommend frameless version page ( ENS, ENA ) or site map or site map 2 ( index page ) as a good page.

FAQ: An explanation about "version"

  • EFS version ( mode ) /English, Frame use, Stillness
  • EFA version ( mode ) /English, Frame use, Animation
  • ENS version ( mode ) /English, Frameless, Stillness
  • ENA version ( mode ) /English, Frameless, Animation
  • JFS version ( mode ) /Japanese, Frame use, Stillness
  • JFA version ( mode ) /Japanese, Frame use, Animation
  • JNS version ( mode ) /Japanese, Frameless, Stillness
  • JNA version ( mode ) /Japanese, Frameless, Animation

urnball FAQ: "APOLLO" is japanese only?

Well, "APOLLO" is a mass of data, those pages are difficult to translate into English. Sorry.

urnball FAQ: About "English version ( mode )"

Sorry. I am no good at English. (generally, a Japanese is no good at English.) Therefore, a Japanese expression can't be translated into English suitably. (Probably, it thinks that there is much inappropriate translation.)

Please, the person who wants to know my real intention is to learn Japanese.


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